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The Absence of Conflict is not Unity

Conflict is one of those things that can be both g ood and bad .  It can be productive or destructive .  However if there is one thing I know, it's that Unity is  NOT possible  without conflict.   Christians & Conflict Now nobody likes conflict, and most of us will do most anything to avoid it. However I have realized over the years that people who *strongly identify as Christian tend to avoid conflict to the detriment of unity.  We will stuff our feelings and will not say things that probably should be said, often becoming passive-aggressive with people. We often don't ask clarifying questions when someone says something we don't agree with or understand, and form negative assumptions about the person.  We will avoid controversial topics or hard conversations about differences because we do not want to get into an argument and cause conflict.  (* Note: These behaviors are not unique to Christians, but my experience has been that folks who do not identify st