A lesson in Privilege on Old McDonald's Farm

(Image by VectorStock)

Every year on Old McDonald's Farm the Cow goes to the Pigs and the Chickens with an idea to do something special for Old Farmer McDonald's Birthday.  And every year she comes to them with the same idea... "Let's make Farmer McDonald Breakfast for his Birthday!"

Every year the Pigs and Chickens reluctantly asked "what do you have in mind this year?"  And every year the Cow says "Bacon & Eggs of course! It's his favorite meal!"

Well this year... the Pigs and Chickens say to the Cow "Let's do Dinner for him this year"  Excitedly the Cow says Ok...what do you have in mind? 

"A Steak Dinner!" says one of the Pigs.  "He can have a Rib Eye, Porter House, Filet Mignon or even Prime Rib!"  One of the Chickens says  "He likes Milkshakes too, so we can make him a chocolate Milkshake for dessert!" 

Hearing this the Cow's countenance changed. She lowered her head and slowly walked away...

A Bacon & Egg Breakfast means something different to Pigs, Chickens... then it does for Cows...For those with ears to hear 

Robert Caldwell is the Executive Director of AnswerPoverty.org and has been a practitioner and thought leader on the issues of poverty & race for more than 25 years.  Visit AnswerPoverty.org 


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